Danielle (xxforeverxx) wrote,

i wish i was working at the younge and bloor store all the time, its really nice to be down there all the time. It's also good I'm not working down there all the time because I'd spend so much money on food , records , books and clothing. The store is right beside the brass rail, should be fun working friday night. After work I'll stop by for a lapdance.

Tomorrow I have off , might do something with sarah. Havn't done anything with her really . I mean the cottage but thats different.

Plus I got some shrooms off some guy at work, Yes for meeting fun people, he's working saturday with me so we may do them than. I still have some weed , but i think i'm done with smoking up, for now. I think i'm going to stick to shrooms and possibly try some acid at somepoint. Other than that drugs don't really interest me anymore.
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