Danielle (xxforeverxx) wrote,

I have way to much work to do. I have a test today, an exercise tommorow and an essay that i havn't started due next week. But Radiohead is in 2 days, which is making me very happy. Oh and i got simon and garfunkel and bowie tickets which also makes me very very happy.

So i had the smiths meat is murder album on last night, i have to say that it's in my top 20 albums of all time. I didn't realize untill lately how amazing the smiths really are.

One good thing about my roomates is I don't have to buy half the CD's I want, since they have them and i get to borrow them. Justin is into a lot of the same things i am so it's good, all the rage i don't have he has, all the radiohead( gasp I know i don't have all the radiohead CD's) he has. He also has the hayden i don't have( considering i only own the live CD it's not that hard)and he's got DJ shawdow and Kid Koala( the one DJ's i really enjoy. Now Tom my other roomate though now he likes drum and bass used to really be into indie bands so from him i get the old stuff like sonic youth, rusty and pavement.

Oh another thing is movies , I don't think I'll ever have to rent another movie again, Justin comes home almost everynight with a new movie. Last night we watched confessions of a dangerous mind which was good( even with Julia Roberts) and the life and times of david gale which was pretty good the chick from gilmore girls is in it.

Okay done with my pointless entry, only written to put of study for my test. Which is in 2.5 hours and counting.
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