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Once again I feel i need more sleep. Maybe since I'm going home tonight, I'll get a better nights sleep. My bed and my cat are the 2 things i miss most about home. And i really don't feel like taking the 2 buses, 2 subways and 2 hours it takes to get home, so i think i'll con my dad into picking me up. That would be the best for all of us.

Gilmore Girls is on tonight, I can't wait. I feel like the show may be going downhill though. It's the only show that i've been waiting to see, if i were at home i would've been able to get it last week, stupid global not showing shows at the right times.

I saw Amiee for the frist time, 2 days ago. She is really, really homesick. I can't belivie that she goes home every weekend thats just werid to me. She also doesn't really like some of her roommates. Oh and guess what Rich from my enviroment and CCIT class went to highschool with her roomate and is there all the time. Thats good for me, considering shes going to want to get together all the time now. Shes nice in smaal doses, but i dunno if i'll be able to stand her all the time. But we are planing to take a trip to glueph at somepoint and see everyone who's there. Heres too sleeping on Jennas floor.

That was werid Rich just came and sat at the computer in front of mine. Man i should just ask him if he wants to go out sometime. Maybe later today at somepoint.

Aww i really really don't want to go to thornlea tommorow, but it does mean i get to see chris. And i like seeing chris, i need to make sure he didn't burn himself again. What kind of idoit, decides one day that if they burn themselves in fightclub it's okay to burn yourself in real life.

I need more sleep
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