Danielle (xxforeverxx) wrote,

I'm home for a day or too
which kinda sucks cause the carnies were having a party tonight and i have learned that the carnies are really funny people and even funnier while drunk. But home is nice too, it allows me to sleep in my queen sized ben rather than a single and to have use of the computer. It already feels werid to be here though I'm used to my new place already. I'm enjoying it a lot, last night we spent sitting on the front porch drinking beer with weezer blasting from inside and people stopping by to chill and sit and talk . And i didn't end up doing anything frosh wise since i was having fun at my house with people who live in the area. I didn't even end up going to the IME concert since the carnies were having a party after their call backs. Oh yeah carnies are all the drama kids, who we like to call carnies. And i'm getting to know people, it seems my one roommate knows everyone so in turn i get to know them. I'm really glad I found th house I'm in sicne its about a 5min walk from school and theres a stram and a park just down the road. I also really like my course, today was my second lecture for CCIT and i loved it. Anyways i should be going, I'm at home and theres tons of food to eat and I'm hungry as hell
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