Danielle (xxforeverxx) wrote,

so today i stayed after school to finish editing our video for comm tech, and i went to for a walk. It was werid to walk though the halls with out being pushed around or bar-bombed by the white noise of others conversations. Odd to think that this would be one of the last times i would ever have to walk down these halls to see where i've spent 4 years of my life learning, laughing and anything and everything. This school helped me find who i was and shape who i am for the future. Even though i really don't like Thornlea, or my time spent there, it was worthwhile and i'm sure i'll look back one day and remember it as being fun. I like to think i made the best of it and i never let my bad feeling about parts of it bring me down. I think the dancing to the morning music everyday shows that. I know that many people i've met these past 4 years i'll never see again and never talk too but they all of shaped me even the ones i don't like. Thats what i take out of highschool myself, the person I am today, it's been good hope the next four years will be even better.
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