Danielle (xxforeverxx) wrote,

a letter to a boy....

Sometimes I think about you. Its not all the time just when I've seen or heard something that reminds me of you, a song , a novelists name written on a cover or even the wind blowing the leafs in a way I know that you would enjoy. A smile creeps across my face when these things happen, these few things that seemed to make you happy.

People say that over time these things will fade, drift away somewhere unknown to me. I fear the day when I hear this song and don't think of you, when walking through bookstores your face doesn't pop into my head.

It comforting to think of you , because you are a constant. To me it seems like I always just know what you'll be doing. You never seem to veer. I can fall back to you any time and know that despite the space between us you will have enjoyed things the same way I have and shared in similar experiences as me .

I will always regret certain things about us , the way you and I both handled certain things. I pushed you away because i was afraid of losing you and you pushed too hard because you were afraid of losing me.

Someday I will meet somewhere who I don't compare to you , someone who makes me smile the way you did. Someone who I feel comfortable in silence with. He will except me the way you did . I will stop remembering you and start making new memories with him. But until than I'll remember you when I smell rain and smile because somewhere I know you are smiling at the same smell. the smell of the world being cleansed.
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