Danielle (xxforeverxx) wrote,

Done school which is good news. Getting drunk with Dave tonight whcih is better news.

On the not so good side of things my roommates were talking behind my back today. I guess they didn't notic that I can hear what they say through the floors, maybe they would know that if they came and chilled with me down here every once and awhile.

So anyways they were pissed I wasn't helping them clean the house and appaerently I never clean. I'll admit my room is a mess but I make sure that thats the only thing thats a mess. Just because they don't seem to notice when I mop the floors, clean the microwave or clean the bathroom. Don't get mad at me because 85% of my mark is due and i'd rather work on that than cleaning the kitchen. Plus I went on strike from cleaning the house when you guys had your friends over for a party and than left me alone to clean up the mess the next day and it was a dinner party so I had to wash about 5 sink loads of dishes plus clean the entire house . So don't whine to me about cleaning , I'm not the only fucking person that lives in this house and therefore a quarter of the mess is yours. Its not even messy its a little dusty and maybe the kitchen was a little dirty but it was far from a mess.

I'm really thinking of moving out next year lets see if they'll find another roommate whos willing to get shafted to the basement because there to big of princesses to live here let alone come down here to see me ever

Oh and your welcome for your christmas gifts thank your for saying thank you.
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