Danielle (xxforeverxx) wrote,

I went to go see shop girl Saturday night and truly enjoyed it. Since than I keep thinking the movie over in my mind. The characters were absolutely fantastic, I keep trying to decide which one I relate to the most. I won't say why because it may give away the movie.

I must buy the novella this movie is based on plus the screenplay. There’s this speech at the end made by Steve Martins character that I fell in love with and must read over and over.

It was such a great feeling to leave a movie with a smile on my face, and not because the movie was overly funny and stupid but because it left me with a warm feeling inside without being cheesy.

This movie is the perfect romantic comedy and I want to see it again. Sucks it’s only really playing downtown as of yet.

Plans for next weekend are also fucked as it seems everyone decided to do things on Friday, when I made plans for Friday already I assumed that most stuff would be occurring on Saturday. It’s almost good because it allows me to distant myself from some people I wish to feel distant from.

I'm still happy because it means that I get to go to the ROM on Friday plus go hear jazz, which I'll enjoy more than the giant Halloween party here anyways. Plus Saturday night it means that it'll most likely be Amanda, Julia and I going out. I like spending time with them. I just hope that Peter doesn't come with his girlfriend. He's totaling dating her because she’s easy. Oh well I guess its good he's getting laid.

This reminds me that I need to get laid. Okay I didn't mean that really. I more of want a cuddle and lie in bed and have long conversations and dance in the street kinda thing to happen.

Boys suck
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